unified field theory (ft. Creek)

from by Strange Game



unified field theory
up in this arena
unified field theory
you've never seen us
unified field theory
up in this arena
green team


Celestial sphere is my jungle gym, ascended theres no hunger left, united with the maker thru creating were trumping death, emanating malketh with telepathic communication merging, converging, our souls act as one from behind maya’s curtains. Instead of competing were unified to mob the league, integral plays to amaze in every note word deed, unified field theory every mc is welcome, With holy fire were making goalies duck with all the pucks were top shelfin


my team is a constellation
the players are all stars
subject of conversation
for laymen and wallflowers
astronomers gawking
and Stephen Hawking's a fan
unified field theory
call it the game-plan
we follow the rain man
Mensa members on offensive
can be be aggressive
calculating averages
cashing in on massive attention for the mathematics
we're green team
respect us

Completmentary opposition whats a game without contrast, dropping simpleton lines, ignorant rhymes, and then popping off scholarly bombast, im willing to lose a few if I have to provide the team with the win I do it for the game’s sake, not my namesake, I’m simply one of many mini members of the game plan


"born alone" is some grown in test-tube clone talk
and I won't walk with that chrome glock
and I won't spark off at stone-faced cops
to get laid out prone
and told not to love dro
because they know better
I shake off grey lock cold fetters
I play soft by the tome
blow header off the top of my dome
to heaven
umbilical cord, plug it in to the mixing board
if you live by the digital sword get ready to die of boredom
before you're rewarded


its subliminally fuckin with me all the time. underlying current of my reality. gettin stuck in my rhymes. land: quicksand, time infinitely deep. hi im teej, what do i want to be? be what i want to see. im 3. kc: keta-creek, freak rosetta. my rhymes is shiny, sharp, better like i live by a silvery sword. sharp as fuck get cut via word. my existence absurd. awkward bird neck boy. enjoy getting used like a toy. check this masochistic liz twist back and handle his business. “what is this?” i cant believe i waited. tears of the dragoness. for rest soul faded. ravensblood in me chest. fucking never forget what it means to be dead. with a full moon silence. or violence instead i keep gettin dumb like i fell on my head. silver tongued devil like voicin it like voicin it like voicin it. personal hell dollars. ravensblood hollar what.


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Drums: Solar~Mass
Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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