We Win

by Strange Game

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this is the first single for an upcoming mixtape by Strange Game. we do not claim ownership of the samples used in this track. Green Team steals but Green Team also shares, so neither do we claim any ownership of the track itself. it is now out of our "hands", it is in the "field", it is part of the "game". let the Strange Games begin.

& may Gold Team shine on you all.



throw gravel down your throat until ur squirtin tarmac shit
and toss ur mangled corpse head first into the sarlak pit
on some gnarly shit dont ever ask me for a parley kid
sauter ur lips together into a hotdog chain to feed my squid
ur fortuneless ill feed ya tortiere, torturously tear ur stomach lining
puttin an end to ur flippn whining
puncturin hymens of wives of wack rappers
strict boom bappers get a smack cuz i am dapperer than that


we gotta lotta water
on deck
i gotta magic key inside a massive treasure chest
but since i don't know where it leads i'm gonna make the maker step
to the plank, to his death - if he doesn't know he better guess
better best me if you wanna rest, otherwise
better not test this stee - test another guy's
i'm flyer than any other pirate's ever been
magazines unloaded on your door
i'm deliverin


my lil limericks are giving cynics erections
i make believers, bitchs jelly like pectin
inspectin ur sis's cavities and orifices
my wily slang is slippin thru ur fingers like oily fishes
doling out that huberdeau splenda
colder flow than withdrawal from blow in the winter
im driving six inch spikes into ur shins till they splinter
s'no bender than a dro bender

green team:

they call me
no beard
no fear
had too
to steer
when I'm a soldier comin home I just hope I still have my soul
rather have my spirit than a rolex made of gold
they comin over starin at my jewels...

we win


this is your captain speaking
i think this ship's crew is fit to coup or mutiny
spit truth - that's why you're shootin me
stupidly unproven fools accusin me
of lootin booty
the 1st rule of rule is that the natural enemy is the self
includin me and everybody else
universal guilt in the house, and i'm the keeper
that's why you follow the leader


came for a coupla things, wheat thins salt and perrier
left with a couple of dings in ur shins skull and vertebrae
so run to khazakstan ur bag man's a bad man
beat ur ass in with a bagged can till ur staring up at the fan
obscene jerk with a mean twerk
blind ye with the sheen of my dancing hiney till ur jeans steam as ya squirt
spasmatically rapping till im asthmatically hacking
causing mass orgasmic spasms as i crack my anal chasm


captain in again
wasn't finished in the first place
wordplay Finnegan's Wake
i skim it on my break
rippin a page for literature's sake
i bit greats to get paid but didn't get paid
a shimmerin blade
spinnin in the fist of the first mate - curse fate
worse comes to worse
persecuted for pinchin the purse
dipped in the surf when they usurp me


Max Huberdeau amassing uberflow with spitarific hutabristics
my cools flows will sooth ur soul like yogurt on a dipstick
lip sync to my shit and feel ur oral muscles grow
implore you all to toke and open ur mouth as i dole out the truffles yo


released August 8, 2013
all prod. & rhymes:
MARTYr McFLY (Nathan Ross) & ILL SPECTRE (Max Huberdeau)




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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