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released November 18, 2013

Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass

Artwork by Jamie Ross

Thank you…

… 1st, and foremost: to Travis Grasmeyer, for introducing the two members of Strange Game to one another, and for being an irreplaceable friend to both of us. You would have been a major part of this project if it had been possible; still, you are featured on every track in spirit.
… to every artist that contributed: Sudatsuga/TakSuga, Creek, Shady Bear, Kimchi Kitty, Kloee Huberdeau, Jamie Ross.
… to Ann Kilpatrick and Pat Bednar, our mothers, for humouring us, and for your hospitality, helpfulness, and patronage.
… to the sacred space of the Raj, for being so.
... to all members of Green Team who accompanied Strange Game along the way: the members of Mavis Beakin (Justin Van Groningen, Luke Smit, Andrew Smith), Bryan Kenny & Renee Vigna, Pippy & Paul.
… and to Gold Team, for its Supreme Providence at all times. We are not worthy.




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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Track Name: AUGHTISM

These wicked globalists, sickening goals to narrow control till the marrow of freedom is leaking seeping thru the cracks over broke backs, hoaky snacks, racks upon racks of chocolate coated submission, life scripts encoded with false decision, false variety emulsion of fear mongering and positive psychology, this epochs got a quickly ticking dethklock, so flock to comfort while u can, fill ur face with candyham and bambalam before we meet the iron hand, the idle hand has conspired to reprimand


these wicked narcissists
crisp images imprinted into this compact disc
I toss it
can't discuss can only cuss
like comeback disses are a constant
flawless called it
next thing up is
spectral silver bending
wrestle echo into pretzel flex
this boss in 21C cuffs
stuns impossible
is spun on research chemicals
has lost his soul or never had it
pixelated faces chanting
"sticks and stones may break my back
but name the brand and I can't wait to have it"
I embrace the madness

is that a fact now
that we're in
I can't communicate the meaning even though I still try

come through computer screen into your mind
to chew your dreams and make you blind
refuse to take the time to learn to stop
they call this brainwashed but you don't feel fresh
except it is the trend
so fuck the feelings

you'd rather this than loneliness
you've chosen this
invokin focus to your heart's content
in darkness bent to take the blue pill on the tongue
and wake up thinking nothing's wrong
you'll never know that wish for physic's kiss again
you'll float in ignorance, in bliss
in sin


Future black as onyx due to unneutered entropic economics, s’why im constantly pondering misanthropic mnemonics, Dionysian mind of fire, age of pisces is over, im kinda tired I liked it sorta no more tho

is that a fact now
that we're in
I can't communicate the meaning even though I still try

Stuck at the wheel of speeding whip, zipping towards the cliff, fuck a fuel deficit dead set on meeting the precipice, when the car careens off the cliff crashing killing the crew, and nature doesn’t blink an eye shit, 23 skidoo


in media res came online
all might come right down in my lifetime
all night running
from an internet death bringer
16th Major Arcana index finger
pinches with the thumb
pulls from the deck
dead ringer
couldn't be anything else
but the next thing

new sale on at
blessed never
still we shop their
they have everything we want
less one God
left forever
are we better off
now that the aughts are over?
mark my words
no one can save us
we've crossed over
only getting worse
I think we're s'posed to let it go
Track Name: bold contra diction

rap Woody Allen
fuck that
fact: I could be Joseph Stalin sans bad moustache
you can wear a dunce cap
I can rep ushanka
donkey is your moniker
I'm Shrek
I'm a monster (green)
another line for my personal haters hating
my game is impersonal first of all stop your ego-inflating
never by the grace of this mouth
I'm not saying it
never a dime wasted
wealth, I'll lay in it
no fuck it, man, I'll burn it
Joker with a perm kid
this fucking city needs a better class of wordsmith
gotta purple tux like rap Patrice O'neal
scars on my cheeks and I'm deceased
before the fucking sequel
I don't need the critics
they don't listen to me
so I won't listen to them
I'll just spit it
part of the skit is
that my art isn't kidding
cause my art isn't a business
with the green for the getting
green's for the go Green Team, player
if I ever say I've got the gold
don't ever mean karats
I don't wear it
it's awareness of the merit of the Golden Rule:
careless fuckers gonna do what careless fuckers gonna do
flow fucking proper
fostered by the internet
in that I sort lost my father to the television set
can't take the beat?
you're probably not bitching
you think that you're free
I know that you're in prison
I piss on
everything that I can get my dick on
I'll list em
women, children, Christians, and politicians
a kingdom of my dissin would be so fly
fuck that noise
gonna do a rap suicide
and call myself out
like that's all with the proud fucking self hating
irate sedated -
you got it:
I'm talking out loud
but nobody listens
that's why the game is just a bold contra diction


Whip out my six shooters and pop em off on the off beat, searing red hot slugs mangle ur soft meat like a soft peach im that rude spittin hard swingin coffee sippin wrangler, top of the pop charts polls dropiin star spangled club bangers, nah truth be told im an unknown Canadian kid, clerking at safeway aint seen a dime for the art I did, but ive a burning urge to learn as well as earn so wathch ur ass fool, swing that shit into a twerking frenzy after grad from jazz school
I pocket the time at the drop of a pine needle im off the wall, thicken the plot by tying my dick in a knot ima shivaite lost in the mall, vedic seer invading sears, slurping edo out of a sull, beheaded goat, bloodstained blade in the main aisle of the bay I pop my shall
(ah nah brah is that all?) Nah, impale ya like a sail flail ur ragged corpse like a doll, perverted puppeteer, seer ya skin and leave ya raw for the lickin when the vultures are finished its slim pickins for the chickens Twist off ur tongue and stick a shiv in the cavity phone ya family let ya gargle till they shiver from the gravity hot flows like lava b im mutable earth, with an inscrutable twerk, twerking ur dick into ur shirt, call me old fashioned, call me standard I can stand it demanding quality im giving u all of me, epistrophy intricate ste ripping thru sheets, got ya slipping off ya little feet like rythymic sleet


Pining for authenticity harmonically phonically wana hear a song not a bing bang bong of obnoxious cacophony im poppin off rejoicing heathen grooves my voice leading moves through consonance and dissonance frigid to sizzling owning this moment always advancing dancing thru time, kicking entrancing rhymes, and wheelin lila like she was my bride, on the grandest game show but the audience is missin, that’s why this shit is just a bold contradiction
Track Name: we win

throw gravel down your throat until ur squirtin tarmac shit
and toss ur mangled corpse head first into the sarlak pit
on some gnarly shit dont ever ask me for a parley kid
sauter ur lips together into a hotdog chain to feed my squid
ur fortuneless ill feed ya tortiere, torturously tear ur stomach lining
puttin an end to ur flippn whining
puncturin hymens of wives of wack rappers
strict boom bappers get a smack cuz i am dapperer than that


we gotta lotta water
on deck
i gotta magic key inside a massive treasure chest
but since i don't know where it leads i'm gonna make the maker step
to the plank, to his death - if he doesn't know he better guess
better best me if you wanna rest, otherwise
better not test this stee - test another guy's
i'm flyer than any other pirate's ever been
magazines unloaded on your door
i'm deliverin


my lil limericks are giving cynics erections
i make believers, bitchs jelly like pectin
inspectin ur sis's cavities and orifices
my wily slang is slippin thru ur fingers like oily fishes
doling out that huberdeau splenda
colder flow than withdrawal from blow in the winter
im driving six inch spikes into ur shins till they splinter
s'no bender than a dro bender

they call me
no beard
no fear
had too
to steer
when I'm a soldier comin home I just hope I still have my soul
rather have my spirit than a rolex made of gold
they comin over starin at my jewels...

we win


this is your captain speaking
i think this ship's crew is fit to coup or mutiny
spit truth - that's why you're shootin me
stupidly unproven fools accusin me
of lootin booty
the 1st rule of rule is that the natural enemy is the self
includin me and everybody else
universal guilt in the house, and i'm the keeper
that's why you follow the leader


came for a coupla things, wheat thins salt and perrier
left with a couple of dings in ur shins skull and vertebrae
so run to khazakstan ur bag man's a bad man
beat ur ass in with a bagged can till ur staring up at the fan
obscene jerk with a mean twerk
blind ye with the sheen of my dancing hiney till ur jeans steam as ya squirt
spasmatically rapping till im asthmatically hacking
causing mass orgasmic spasms as i crack my anal chasm


captain in again
wasn't finished in the first place
wordplay Finnegan's Wake
i skim it on my break
rippin a page for literature's sake
i bit greats to get paid but didn't get paid
a shimmerin blade
spinnin in the fist of the first mate - curse fate
worse comes to worse
persecuted for pinchin the purse
dipped in the surf when they usurp me


Max Huberdeau amassing uberflow with spitarific hutabristics
my cools flows will sooth ur soul like yogurt on a dipstick
lip sync to my shit and feel ur oral muscles grow
implore you all to toke and open ur mouth as i dole out the truffles yo
Track Name: siz boom pop
always been a hanged man
upside-down under a bridge
with finger-painted pyramids
and automatic weapons on my forehead
guess I got a warhead and I'mma use it
like bang, bang man
I'm shooting


decay defiance
the finest invited
in the prime of our lives
widen your eyes to see the brightest
got the shine to get the blind seizing violent like St. Vitus
Priapus stylus Midas-touching vagina papyrus
lines are inspired divine
reading your rites and they rhyme
ripe and in season
so please get right of your spiral decline
vices have stifled your reason
I'm like a rival to Jesus


Pisces in fleece, ur cyring wolf and ya mean it
Sick of pitiful suckas praying on my accommodating nature, realizing being nice amounts to foolish behaviour, keeping the lizzy in the foreground, putting down parasites like old hounds beat leaping in bold bounds, stacking my gold in untold mounds, fuck a mythical prophet more like a despicable profiteer of what what ya don’t keep in ur pocket if ya brought a bike lock it, and if ya brought a glock cock it, cuz the globalists are knockin


Lockheed Martin got my glock heat sparking
cause I'm a V-2 retaliation weapon on a fatal crescent
free spew hella propellants out the end
until I Brenschluss
pass me the pen, cuz
I'll put it to the pad and launch it
past the speed of sound
and then I'll send hot bombs down on English
while my fingers are still steaming
screaming comes across the sky
this time it ain't theatre
Peter Piper pepper-sprayed people with prejudice
and then he ended up indebted to federal therapists


pedantic romantic w a flair for semantic encoding, flocking streets with my mind bending product like a dope ring, ruthless vocal attacs to wax toothless yokel hacks their little bellies soft and yellow macaroni and jello, making meat of the meek made, concealing a sleek blade, sikh made, creeping thru the shade to bleed ur veins, im burgling ur crib ill have ur baby pushing daisys and u strung up with his fuckin bib dangling off the fascia...

Yes the ICC wont let me be or let me be me, genocidal g, cleanse the streets of empty mcs rap game Milosevic, feel my steelo hit ya like a kilo of bricks, im killing em off, innocent millions milling thru malls, spending their dollas till the pillars fall along with their jaws as my IED rocks through the concourse, wall of fiery napalm engulfs the food court, as I peeps it afterwards pass by victorias secret, see charred skeletons of vixens in singed booty shorts and g strings, looking like mannequins with no head or hands dead as fuck, I saw the end comin took initiative and jumped the gun. Kali yuga baby time to wile and get a little crazy throwin fuckin cyber bombs collapsing economies daily hack a military drone and program it to gat the wack, army of 3d printed mes guarding my back


I'm the secret history of hip-hop tech
got that heavy ammunition on the breath
when I flex
I tend to stretch flux capacity
and shed
every husk
every former self is dead
immolated in the dust
I'm the meanest
I'm so fly like a phoenix
ashes on the scenes I'm leaving
better log it in and start believing
mc martyr is a genius
even if it means he'll lose his freedom
tell you bout the time I wasted time?
castrated Cronus
hack a sack and throw it in the ocean
for the porpoises
my purpose is to make the state of things shake
spin through a portal into pastime
88 crass rhymes a minute
in a past life
stripped of my rights
made to rap and nightly threatened with rendition
writtens slipped from my temporal ship
and then given to chuck berry
verily I dangle limp but I'm twitching
cause I've
always been a hanged man
upside-down under a bridge
with finger-painted pyramids
and automatic weapons on my forehead
guess I got a warhead and I'mma use it
like bang, bang man
I'm shooting
Track Name: i know (ft. Shady Bear)

my dinosauric aura floors ya
dwarfin hordes of boring oralists
comin out swangin with aural fists
miss no pore or orifice
immortal shit
on an ouroboric trip
opening metaphorical portals to bliss
and I insist your ass comes with
smoke like forest fires got me pined up
so lit
I might just find a hiney
go wine, dine and grind it
all y'all grovelling squires call me sire or your highness
I'm the highest
the flyest dean
and don of the times


slow gold burns from the lips
on full
unload weird flow on loud
knows no bounds
snorts whole mounds
doubts every dogma in a dog pound
spittin on a pregnant bitch getting put down
take your puppy-eyes, open wide and look 'round
sound of comets coming down on lost continents
blunt cosmic kamikaze consciousness plough
aw shit, I'm a motherfucking prophet
I just hope that they don't fucking cross me
like a crucifix - shit, I'm a martyr
I'mma take my pick from your daughters
breaking up, creating flames, flight wild
I'm on my crater-making game right now
I'm fit to radiate all day
and I spray revelation
Elijah is coming...

bitches tellin me
I know


it's like an earth-quake
when we get baked
I'm high off the hydro
I drop one pound in the shit shake
pass around and my eyes low
kush makes me wake
til I'm still in the sky, bro
your shit's kind of fake
can't get you high, bro
my shit gets me baked
til I leave the time-zone
then into the quake
and out of your mind bro


lunar taurus in the club - y'know
party and bullshit
spoonin with the moon
venus on my penis
like jupiter in width
take a serving of that sassy Maxy splenda
january thru december
perrier, sherry and hen, sir


changin rhymes each time I sit to scan em
like fuck
even when I'm at the mic I haven't got em planned out
like I mind my talk
but it's like I'm not in control
more like I channel
not like it matters
I chatter
whether or not I want it
I got the talent

want it? I got the talent

bitches tellin me
I know
Track Name: win-win (ft. Sudatsuga)

MC Fly AKA MK ULTRA-violent guy
plays AKs daily like violins
wild in this wilder nexus
neck pressed w/ muzzle (junglist)
chin pinches barrel to collarbone (all alone)
digit on trig
on my not novice shit in this bitch
I got big I'mma jolly green jive turkey
green jersey
beams on your skyline
I'm finalist
I'll die for this prize
I might write the last rhyme ever written

riddler on the roof
question marks on my suit
I'm the best of the beast
I'll possess every foo
in your crew
if your posse or you try to stop me
I'll crop you
at the very least harvest your fossils
boots combat
goggles are downcast
my armour will outlast your harm
stay the fuck off my farm
or end up in a jar in my storm-celler, fella
hide your kids
hide your wife
here comes the killer

hydrogen cyanide will get you, ill spectre
broke a pill spilled it out in your breakfast, lunch, dinner
I give you one verse before the first surge or rigamortis
will force you to forfeit strange games forever
sick ghost, for rilla


ill spectre scaring women wit my bananza stanzas
here ill b phil girl u can be lana
polyamorous brideacide
unloading nines on my nine wives
dont forget the kittys better hope they really got nine lives
pen my crass oratory in an underground laboratory
rap dexter crouched over the pad till my neck hurts and chest bursts
heres the lecture respect the spectre cut the cheque it ill cut ya neck
till ya head plummets
gut ya stuff ya as my patchaderm puppet
rusty tech squeezin off lead, maiming sad clowns
till my palms sweat speckles of brown and red hues
mcfly u heard the news, im out to make ya a martyr
stepping to spectre was a wack cause to die for from the start sir
used to kill impersonally until i met mcfly
u see a spectre such as a resides on high outside of time
marty a mere mortal opened the temporal portal,
jumped inside to hop ahead in time i said fine
ya lil scamp on ur lil plank, u can go on right through
just then the fucker leaked his rockets fuel on my new shoes
he issued a duel n i laughed at the fools gall
grabbed the snitches rocket seared his eyes out of his sockets
(mcfly: stop it, aaah) bitch, wheres doc now?
Track Name: unified field theory (ft. Creek)
unified field theory
up in this arena
unified field theory
you've never seen us
unified field theory
up in this arena
green team


Celestial sphere is my jungle gym, ascended theres no hunger left, united with the maker thru creating were trumping death, emanating malketh with telepathic communication merging, converging, our souls act as one from behind maya’s curtains. Instead of competing were unified to mob the league, integral plays to amaze in every note word deed, unified field theory every mc is welcome, With holy fire were making goalies duck with all the pucks were top shelfin


my team is a constellation
the players are all stars
subject of conversation
for laymen and wallflowers
astronomers gawking
and Stephen Hawking's a fan
unified field theory
call it the game-plan
we follow the rain man
Mensa members on offensive
can be be aggressive
calculating averages
cashing in on massive attention for the mathematics
we're green team
respect us

Completmentary opposition whats a game without contrast, dropping simpleton lines, ignorant rhymes, and then popping off scholarly bombast, im willing to lose a few if I have to provide the team with the win I do it for the game’s sake, not my namesake, I’m simply one of many mini members of the game plan


"born alone" is some grown in test-tube clone talk
and I won't walk with that chrome glock
and I won't spark off at stone-faced cops
to get laid out prone
and told not to love dro
because they know better
I shake off grey lock cold fetters
I play soft by the tome
blow header off the top of my dome
to heaven
umbilical cord, plug it in to the mixing board
if you live by the digital sword get ready to die of boredom
before you're rewarded


its subliminally fuckin with me all the time. underlying current of my reality. gettin stuck in my rhymes. land: quicksand, time infinitely deep. hi im teej, what do i want to be? be what i want to see. im 3. kc: keta-creek, freak rosetta. my rhymes is shiny, sharp, better like i live by a silvery sword. sharp as fuck get cut via word. my existence absurd. awkward bird neck boy. enjoy getting used like a toy. check this masochistic liz twist back and handle his business. “what is this?” i cant believe i waited. tears of the dragoness. for rest soul faded. ravensblood in me chest. fucking never forget what it means to be dead. with a full moon silence. or violence instead i keep gettin dumb like i fell on my head. silver tongued devil like voicin it like voicin it like voicin it. personal hell dollars. ravensblood hollar what.
Track Name: strange prayer(s)

Strange prayers, gold team gods please appease this fraud, unlawful deeds I brag about extend my nose into a rod, rap game pinnochio my bragadocious flows so cold, meaningless streams, dreams of an unfulfilled soul. This vicious ste is composed of empty Potemkin cities, murderous me attempt to bury insecurities the unearthing of which will reveal a frail and weak, ectomorphic dork socially stunted runt timid and meek, ill spectre reflects everything this cat is not superficial as the tissue of my teeth this façade is ungodly a model shell of a man talking about bombing malls really standing in line with my mom. When dropping lines of murdering wifes im hurting inside compensating for my lack of romantic engagement, im praying on high, forgive these lies, so I can move on as a real guy.


choked on moss
swallowed my tongue
smoked too much
I've talked too long
throat is cut
mud in my lungs
I got blood in my mouth
I cough dust when I howl
I must get out with my phallus intact
(castrated) complex is constant
when complicated tech is tangled up
in my cock and balls
and I'm mangled and I've stalled at an angle
blame that brain in derangement
for the plan going wrong
I'm not the man for the job
I probably can't take it
don't belong in the star fleet
now my heart races slipping off
the beat tripping
on laces
I pray for lack of patience
but radiance forsaken
is making me think I need to not fake it
make my face naked
indicate my place and I'll take a seat
wait for the flame to wake my flesh from my self-obsessed fantasies
take me to the canopy
can't it be
the galaxy's dancing
malice is just a memory
redemption @ hand
Track Name: Gold Team

White black grey thru green gold, back to black repeat, from the meagerest pebble to acdc at their peak of stadium buzz, spraying rocking rays of radiant love, to make this dead space erupt with sapiens bugs, and reptiles gold team is out to make a cold cosmos fertile, worthwhile or not, cosmic fires are burning hot, don’t ya know that nuclear fusion is universally consuming plumes of heat to get ur planets ecosystem a booming. Gold Team, shines without seeing, inspires without speaking, love dumb and blind not a teaching but a feeling, a peeling of layers thru suffering and thru prayer, effacing a schism passing a spectrum thru a prism man maharshi wasn’t kidding with his riddles, bidding riddance to the ego, reveals the clear steelo of the ego. A gleam to bring forth life, and thwart the feeble me as an entity apart from the gleam of the solar sea.


juggler caught my eye by the optic nerve
and turned my orbit
hung it up under a herm in the curve of the firmament
perched observer
solar beholder
cold curtains pebbled with bold globes inverting a dull order
all lords in contra force to stall the course of all morbid
good golly jolly gold fireballs out of their minds on atomic torque
god smiles on wild cards
a dark horse in apollo's court
jocular sport
jangler crowned
planets are wrangled
and new fangled patterns attained from the fount are emblazoned for haters to try to discount
made to break down
pray to the clown
infinite jester is blessing the sound
making the festival bounce
making us dance
frying the pan
laughing in temporal trance
handle abandoned and scant on the plans
nameless a moth to the candle I am
like a native to alter
martyr to the flame
fodder for sol invictus is the game
Track Name: final dart (ft. Tak Suga) [BONUS TRACK]

Glancing at the fanfare as im slanking, grimacing amidst this world of jims, sinking inward biting my upper lip, stank faced feeling like a stringed up puppet bitch, this sitch is unbearable snitchs everywhere I look, everythings got me shook. Mass crookery this city is a sinister cookery churning out razor blade steak to cut ya guts in digust, I cuss, myself for my lack of moral power, devouring to live so I can spit my oral showers. Feeling like im bout to bust, but the best my blue balled butt can do is fuss and howl curses, sour verses are my business, in a snit im frickin bitchin, the insidious mission of this cities glistening kitsch, is grippin lives scripting shit, im fuckin pissed. Kicking up pebbles, snivelling coward weeping as power elite are sipping gin with the devil. Im hacking backwoods, and hacking on tracks, and blazing packs in a daze, im frayed by the craze, but this grave face remains unfazed. Vyvanse and cheeba got me dancing speaking freaking flows lawdy im tweaking peaking on dro seeing nodes constellated nodes in the ceiling. All hands on deck cuz we brought the full pack roll back ur shoulders kick it like a doormat, the format is a sly groove, in a high mood kicking lines thru time to soothe. Pensive inventions, with elemental intentions meant to restore the senses, and drag ur ass back home lil sport, open that fearful heart to natures support

you wanna play a strange game?

seemingly enjoying my life
I take ahold of the day and I ride
bold stride pace picking it's like
I mentally aim at a place
and by the time I've arrived
I've made it mine, it's amazing
every time
and I steadily incline
I jump up and land with style on my hover-board
of course it's a metaphor I made up for making rhymes
break the ceiling and bite the sky
fuck kissing it Hendrix
lips are ripped from my smile
now kiss my skinny ass
I give no pass to legends or giants
elemental irrelevant
excel at making it mine
I primed development of never witnessed elegance
inside of head that hold eyes with retinas stretched wide
at the sight of death
my destination in spite of my best efforts to better my diet fetter my vices or level my head
castle in crisis
sacral is bled
now that I've seen the light I feel like glassing the mess
I feel like crashing my deck
wanna wreck
wanna step from the edge of a stool with my neck in a noose
wanna dangle like verily scared to ever choose
where were you when I was terrified?
on the loose
flow fucking verified still no prosper
hoping don't live long, hence pill popper
stoking that bong kill-hoot from the glock
first popper to the top is gonna stop it
I'm fine never mind let's not talk about it
ever whine for long enough your jaw's locking from it?
every eye gloss
not crying just watch me punish my mind
with the cunning I pine for
running my mouth
penning rune rhymes on my couch
and ruining my life between bowel movements
I'm out - fuck it
temple in crisis
mental is dead
symbol is lifeless
bender pit red light middle of the night shit
but I'm still a green team player…
cause I fight it


Down on a dime, dig a ditch, write a rhyme
Spice some stew with the thyme
Bic a nigga, lick o' shine
Starshine, starshine
Got that booty on my mind
Got that booty on my mind
Rootin' for the Green Team
Bitties on the grind
Ciggy blunt, punt a cunt, runt
Munted all the time
Horse feathers flock together
Hank McCoy on sprucy pine
Beef cake, mooky faced like lemon rinds
Ass crack, crusty rack, team black
Shakalak again
Fake a figgy pudding
Sticky pudding in the play pen
Mandarin, like swaggy rings leave me dangaling
I'm wrangling a hairy harlot for my meth den
Opa Hey! a sultry lay, she jam to Green Day
Far away like birdly creepers, something blue jay
Humble pie, thunder thighs like Storm on Ritalin
Then again, I'm like a goofy poof on mescaline
Single Sam
a lama-dam
a shim-sham
a ram-bam
a thank you ma'am
a flim-flam-flooey
Tootin' my kazooie
a rootin' tootin' rusty boot in your patooie
Finger blast from the past
Riff Raff at the aftermath
Sniff your gash, ride my stash
Take the green path
I might be mean and flick your lean bean
Is that obscene?
I'm just a filthy Jim unraveling