final dart (ft. Tak Suga) [BONUS TRACK]

from by Strange Game




Glancing at the fanfare as im slanking, grimacing amidst this world of jims, sinking inward biting my upper lip, stank faced feeling like a stringed up puppet bitch, this sitch is unbearable snitchs everywhere I look, everythings got me shook. Mass crookery this city is a sinister cookery churning out razor blade steak to cut ya guts in digust, I cuss, myself for my lack of moral power, devouring to live so I can spit my oral showers. Feeling like im bout to bust, but the best my blue balled butt can do is fuss and howl curses, sour verses are my business, in a snit im frickin bitchin, the insidious mission of this cities glistening kitsch, is grippin lives scripting shit, im fuckin pissed. Kicking up pebbles, snivelling coward weeping as power elite are sipping gin with the devil. Im hacking backwoods, and hacking on tracks, and blazing packs in a daze, im frayed by the craze, but this grave face remains unfazed. Vyvanse and cheeba got me dancing speaking freaking flows lawdy im tweaking peaking on dro seeing nodes constellated nodes in the ceiling. All hands on deck cuz we brought the full pack roll back ur shoulders kick it like a doormat, the format is a sly groove, in a high mood kicking lines thru time to soothe. Pensive inventions, with elemental intentions meant to restore the senses, and drag ur ass back home lil sport, open that fearful heart to natures support

you wanna play a strange game?

seemingly enjoying my life
I take ahold of the day and I ride
bold stride pace picking it's like
I mentally aim at a place
and by the time I've arrived
I've made it mine, it's amazing
every time
and I steadily incline
I jump up and land with style on my hover-board
of course it's a metaphor I made up for making rhymes
break the ceiling and bite the sky
fuck kissing it Hendrix
lips are ripped from my smile
now kiss my skinny ass
I give no pass to legends or giants
elemental irrelevant
excel at making it mine
I primed development of never witnessed elegance
inside of head that hold eyes with retinas stretched wide
at the sight of death
my destination in spite of my best efforts to better my diet fetter my vices or level my head
castle in crisis
sacral is bled
now that I've seen the light I feel like glassing the mess
I feel like crashing my deck
wanna wreck
wanna step from the edge of a stool with my neck in a noose
wanna dangle like verily scared to ever choose
where were you when I was terrified?
on the loose
flow fucking verified still no prosper
hoping don't live long, hence pill popper
stoking that bong kill-hoot from the glock
first popper to the top is gonna stop it
I'm fine never mind let's not talk about it
ever whine for long enough your jaw's locking from it?
every eye gloss
not crying just watch me punish my mind
with the cunning I pine for
running my mouth
penning rune rhymes on my couch
and ruining my life between bowel movements
I'm out - fuck it
temple in crisis
mental is dead
symbol is lifeless
bender pit red light middle of the night shit
but I'm still a green team player…
cause I fight it


Down on a dime, dig a ditch, write a rhyme
Spice some stew with the thyme
Bic a nigga, lick o' shine
Starshine, starshine
Got that booty on my mind
Got that booty on my mind
Rootin' for the Green Team
Bitties on the grind
Ciggy blunt, punt a cunt, runt
Munted all the time
Horse feathers flock together
Hank McCoy on sprucy pine
Beef cake, mooky faced like lemon rinds
Ass crack, crusty rack, team black
Shakalak again
Fake a figgy pudding
Sticky pudding in the play pen
Mandarin, like swaggy rings leave me dangaling
I'm wrangling a hairy harlot for my meth den
Opa Hey! a sultry lay, she jam to Green Day
Far away like birdly creepers, something blue jay
Humble pie, thunder thighs like Storm on Ritalin
Then again, I'm like a goofy poof on mescaline
Single Sam
a lama-dam
a shim-sham
a ram-bam
a thank you ma'am
a flim-flam-flooey
Tootin' my kazooie
a rootin' tootin' rusty boot in your patooie
Finger blast from the past
Riff Raff at the aftermath
Sniff your gash, ride my stash
Take the green path
I might be mean and flick your lean bean
Is that obscene?
I'm just a filthy Jim unraveling


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Sample: "Fan Death" by Kimchi Kitty
Rhymes: ILL SPECTRE, MARTYr McFLY & Tak Suga
Keys: Solar~Mass
Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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