win​-​win (ft. Sudatsuga)

from by Strange Game




MC Fly AKA MK ULTRA-violent guy
plays AKs daily like violins
wild in this wilder nexus
neck pressed w/ muzzle (junglist)
chin pinches barrel to collarbone (all alone)
digit on trig
on my not novice shit in this bitch
I got big I'mma jolly green jive turkey
green jersey
beams on your skyline
I'm finalist
I'll die for this prize
I might write the last rhyme ever written

riddler on the roof
question marks on my suit
I'm the best of the beast
I'll possess every foo
in your crew
if your posse or you try to stop me
I'll crop you
at the very least harvest your fossils
boots combat
goggles are downcast
my armour will outlast your harm
stay the fuck off my farm
or end up in a jar in my storm-celler, fella
hide your kids
hide your wife
here comes the killer

hydrogen cyanide will get you, ill spectre
broke a pill spilled it out in your breakfast, lunch, dinner
I give you one verse before the first surge or rigamortis
will force you to forfeit strange games forever
sick ghost, for rilla


ill spectre scaring women wit my bananza stanzas
here ill b phil girl u can be lana
polyamorous brideacide
unloading nines on my nine wives
dont forget the kittys better hope they really got nine lives
pen my crass oratory in an underground laboratory
rap dexter crouched over the pad till my neck hurts and chest bursts
heres the lecture respect the spectre cut the cheque it ill cut ya neck
till ya head plummets
gut ya stuff ya as my patchaderm puppet
rusty tech squeezin off lead, maiming sad clowns
till my palms sweat speckles of brown and red hues
mcfly u heard the news, im out to make ya a martyr
stepping to spectre was a wack cause to die for from the start sir
used to kill impersonally until i met mcfly
u see a spectre such as a resides on high outside of time
marty a mere mortal opened the temporal portal,
jumped inside to hop ahead in time i said fine
ya lil scamp on ur lil plank, u can go on right through
just then the fucker leaked his rockets fuel on my new shoes
he issued a duel n i laughed at the fools gall
grabbed the snitches rocket seared his eyes out of his sockets
(mcfly: stop it, aaah) bitch, wheres doc now?


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Add. Percussion and Vocals: Sudatsuga
Prod.: Persephonaut




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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