siz boom pop

from by Strange Game



always been a hanged man
upside-down under a bridge
with finger-painted pyramids
and automatic weapons on my forehead
guess I got a warhead and I'mma use it
like bang, bang man
I'm shooting


decay defiance
the finest invited
in the prime of our lives
widen your eyes to see the brightest
got the shine to get the blind seizing violent like St. Vitus
Priapus stylus Midas-touching vagina papyrus
lines are inspired divine
reading your rites and they rhyme
ripe and in season
so please get right of your spiral decline
vices have stifled your reason
I'm like a rival to Jesus


Pisces in fleece, ur cyring wolf and ya mean it
Sick of pitiful suckas praying on my accommodating nature, realizing being nice amounts to foolish behaviour, keeping the lizzy in the foreground, putting down parasites like old hounds beat leaping in bold bounds, stacking my gold in untold mounds, fuck a mythical prophet more like a despicable profiteer of what what ya don’t keep in ur pocket if ya brought a bike lock it, and if ya brought a glock cock it, cuz the globalists are knockin


Lockheed Martin got my glock heat sparking
cause I'm a V-2 retaliation weapon on a fatal crescent
free spew hella propellants out the end
until I Brenschluss
pass me the pen, cuz
I'll put it to the pad and launch it
past the speed of sound
and then I'll send hot bombs down on English
while my fingers are still steaming
screaming comes across the sky
this time it ain't theatre
Peter Piper pepper-sprayed people with prejudice
and then he ended up indebted to federal therapists


pedantic romantic w a flair for semantic encoding, flocking streets with my mind bending product like a dope ring, ruthless vocal attacs to wax toothless yokel hacks their little bellies soft and yellow macaroni and jello, making meat of the meek made, concealing a sleek blade, sikh made, creeping thru the shade to bleed ur veins, im burgling ur crib ill have ur baby pushing daisys and u strung up with his fuckin bib dangling off the fascia...

Yes the ICC wont let me be or let me be me, genocidal g, cleanse the streets of empty mcs rap game Milosevic, feel my steelo hit ya like a kilo of bricks, im killing em off, innocent millions milling thru malls, spending their dollas till the pillars fall along with their jaws as my IED rocks through the concourse, wall of fiery napalm engulfs the food court, as I peeps it afterwards pass by victorias secret, see charred skeletons of vixens in singed booty shorts and g strings, looking like mannequins with no head or hands dead as fuck, I saw the end comin took initiative and jumped the gun. Kali yuga baby time to wile and get a little crazy throwin fuckin cyber bombs collapsing economies daily hack a military drone and program it to gat the wack, army of 3d printed mes guarding my back


I'm the secret history of hip-hop tech
got that heavy ammunition on the breath
when I flex
I tend to stretch flux capacity
and shed
every husk
every former self is dead
immolated in the dust
I'm the meanest
I'm so fly like a phoenix
ashes on the scenes I'm leaving
better log it in and start believing
mc martyr is a genius
even if it means he'll lose his freedom
tell you bout the time I wasted time?
castrated Cronus
hack a sack and throw it in the ocean
for the porpoises
my purpose is to make the state of things shake
spin through a portal into pastime
88 crass rhymes a minute
in a past life
stripped of my rights
made to rap and nightly threatened with rendition
writtens slipped from my temporal ship
and then given to chuck berry
verily I dangle limp but I'm twitching
cause I've
always been a hanged man
upside-down under a bridge
with finger-painted pyramids
and automatic weapons on my forehead
guess I got a warhead and I'mma use it
like bang, bang man
I'm shooting


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Add. Vocals: Kloee Huberdeau
Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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