i know (ft. Shady Bear)

from by Strange Game




my dinosauric aura floors ya
dwarfin hordes of boring oralists
comin out swangin with aural fists
miss no pore or orifice
immortal shit
on an ouroboric trip
opening metaphorical portals to bliss
and I insist your ass comes with
smoke like forest fires got me pined up
so lit
I might just find a hiney
go wine, dine and grind it
all y'all grovelling squires call me sire or your highness
I'm the highest
the flyest dean
and don of the times


slow gold burns from the lips
on full
unload weird flow on loud
knows no bounds
snorts whole mounds
doubts every dogma in a dog pound
spittin on a pregnant bitch getting put down
take your puppy-eyes, open wide and look 'round
sound of comets coming down on lost continents
blunt cosmic kamikaze consciousness plough
aw shit, I'm a motherfucking prophet
I just hope that they don't fucking cross me
like a crucifix - shit, I'm a martyr
I'mma take my pick from your daughters
breaking up, creating flames, flight wild
I'm on my crater-making game right now
I'm fit to radiate all day
and I spray revelation
Elijah is coming...

bitches tellin me
I know


it's like an earth-quake
when we get baked
I'm high off the hydro
I drop one pound in the shit shake
pass around and my eyes low
kush makes me wake
til I'm still in the sky, bro
your shit's kind of fake
can't get you high, bro
my shit gets me baked
til I leave the time-zone
then into the quake
and out of your mind bro


lunar taurus in the club - y'know
party and bullshit
spoonin with the moon
venus on my penis
like jupiter in width
take a serving of that sassy Maxy splenda
january thru december
perrier, sherry and hen, sir


changin rhymes each time I sit to scan em
like fuck
even when I'm at the mic I haven't got em planned out
like I mind my talk
but it's like I'm not in control
more like I channel
not like it matters
I chatter
whether or not I want it
I got the talent

want it? I got the talent

bitches tellin me
I know


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Rhymes: ILL SPECTRE, MARTYr McFLY & Shady Bear
Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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