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These wicked globalists, sickening goals to narrow control till the marrow of freedom is leaking seeping thru the cracks over broke backs, hoaky snacks, racks upon racks of chocolate coated submission, life scripts encoded with false decision, false variety emulsion of fear mongering and positive psychology, this epochs got a quickly ticking dethklock, so flock to comfort while u can, fill ur face with candyham and bambalam before we meet the iron hand, the idle hand has conspired to reprimand


these wicked narcissists
crisp images imprinted into this compact disc
I toss it
can't discuss can only cuss
like comeback disses are a constant
flawless called it
next thing up is
spectral silver bending
wrestle echo into pretzel flex
this boss in 21C cuffs
stuns impossible
is spun on research chemicals
has lost his soul or never had it
pixelated faces chanting
"sticks and stones may break my back
but name the brand and I can't wait to have it"
I embrace the madness

is that a fact now
that we're in
I can't communicate the meaning even though I still try

come through computer screen into your mind
to chew your dreams and make you blind
refuse to take the time to learn to stop
they call this brainwashed but you don't feel fresh
except it is the trend
so fuck the feelings

you'd rather this than loneliness
you've chosen this
invokin focus to your heart's content
in darkness bent to take the blue pill on the tongue
and wake up thinking nothing's wrong
you'll never know that wish for physic's kiss again
you'll float in ignorance, in bliss
in sin


Future black as onyx due to unneutered entropic economics, s’why im constantly pondering misanthropic mnemonics, Dionysian mind of fire, age of pisces is over, im kinda tired I liked it sorta no more tho

is that a fact now
that we're in
I can't communicate the meaning even though I still try

Stuck at the wheel of speeding whip, zipping towards the cliff, fuck a fuel deficit dead set on meeting the precipice, when the car careens off the cliff crashing killing the crew, and nature doesn’t blink an eye shit, 23 skidoo


in media res came online
all might come right down in my lifetime
all night running
from an internet death bringer
16th Major Arcana index finger
pinches with the thumb
pulls from the deck
dead ringer
couldn't be anything else
but the next thing

new sale on at
blessed never
still we shop their
they have everything we want
less one God
left forever
are we better off
now that the aughts are over?
mark my words
no one can save us
we've crossed over
only getting worse
I think we're s'posed to let it go


from $TRANGE GAME$, released November 18, 2013
Prod.: Persephonaut & Solar~Mass




Strange Game Calgary, Alberta

STRANGE GAME is an experimental hip-hop duo that plays for GREEN TEAM.


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